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Dental records storage cabinets suitable for FP25 notes

Dental records storage cabinets suitable for FP25 notes

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Dental records storage cabinets suitable for FP25 notes

Key Features

  • A high-quality metal dental cabinet for storage of FP25 dental record notes (6¼” x 10” / 165mm x 254mm).

  • The metal dental filing cabinet is manufactured in the UK and ideal for use in any busy dental practice.

  • Models 236H10W/54, 446H10W/54 and 436H10/54 are also suitable for storage of X-rays.

  • Storage can be expanded by adding a top cupboard or top cabinet. The former has doors and a moveable shelf, and is designed for storage of FP25 cards or as general storage space. The latter is for dental cards only.

  • The dental records filing cabinet is fitted with high quality Accuride® ball-bearing runners.

  • Riveted high quality sheet steel used during production. The front, back and sides are manufactured using double thickness steel to provide rigidity.

  • Additional rigidity is provided by a centre-welded metal partition between the front and back of each drawer.

  • Neat storage of FP25 dental record cards via metal removable ‘U’ shaped dividers, 1 per drawer.

  • Modern chrome handles make for pleasing aesthetic finish.

  • For ease of identification of the contents, the front of each drawer comes with a plastic card insert on which a description or reference can be written.

  • To fulfil data protection requirements, the dental filing cabinet is lockable, with 2 keys supplied.

  • For health and safety, the anti-tilt mechanism ensures only one drawer can be opened at any one time

  • The dental cabinets are available in 2 and 4 drawer configurations with additional bespoke models available to suit clients specific requirements

  • 2 and 4 drawer models Internal drawer heights are approximately 11” (279mm)

  • The cabinet frame and its drawers may be ordered in different colours at no additional charge

  • Choice of 18 powder-coated colours.

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Delivery charges and lead times - 2 options

All our medical, media and general purpose cabinets are subject to delivery charges. The following minimum charges apply to our dental records storage cabinets.

Once the product has been manufactured it is placed on a pallet and collected by a courier for next working day door to door delivery.

N.B The item should be checked carefully by the customer, prior to the courier leaving the premises to ensure no damage has occurred during transit. It is then the responsibility of the customer to move and place where required. Generally there is a charge of between £55.00 and £75.00 + Vat per cabinet irrespective of the number of drawers.Please note however, there maybe variations on this price depending on the destination. Lead times for this service is generally 10-20 working days.

A more personal service is also offered where the cabinet will be installed to a ground floor location and unpacked if required. For this service the following minimum delivery prices apply to our dental records storage cabinets with 1-4 drawers.

£75.00 + Vat for one, £140.00 + Vat for two and £200.00 + Vat for 3 providing delivery is to the same address and delivered at the same time.

N.B These are minimum charges that will be applied. Please contact us for an accurate quote which will be dependent on destination.

Lead times for this service vary and is dependent on other delivery and installations within the area. As such no specific time frame is offered.

Clients will be contacted to arrange a suitable date for delivery/installation

Illustrations are intended as a guide only and may not be an exact representation of the product. Customers should check with us if any points need clarification before purchase.

Model Drawers Rows per drawer Storage [in.] Storage [cm] W×D×H [in.] W×D×H [mm] Price (£)
236H10 2 3 138 350 24×26×26¼ 610×660×666 629.00
236H10W 2 3 138 350 26×26×26¼ 660×660×666 649.00
336H10 3 3 207 525 26×26×37¾ 660×660×959 799.00
436H10 4 3 276 701 24½×26×50 625×660×1,270 999.00
436H10W 4 3 276 701 26×26×50 660×660×1,270 1,049.00
436H10W/54† 4 3 276 701 26×26×54 660×660×1,371 1,049.00
446H10 4 4 368 934 33×26×50 838×660×1,270 999.00
446H10W 4 4 368 934 34×26×50 864×660×1,270 1,079.00
446H10W/54† 4 4 368 934 34×26×54 864×660×1,371 1,099.00

† Model for storage of x-rays. Drawer heights on this model approximately 12.7” high. (323.58mm)

Drawer heights on all other cabinets approximately 11.7” high (297.18mm).

Frame and drawer front colours




Lime Green


Sapphire Blue

Light Grey



Pastel Violet


Capri Blue

Sterling Grey

White Gloss

Clover Pink

Pastel Green

Black Gloss

Pastel Blue

The appearance of colours may vary depending on the lighting of your room or the settings of your monitor, any hard copies printed may not be an exact representation of the colour due to tolerances in the printing process.